Welcome to Kachinland SAS!

The Kachinland School of Arts & Sciences (KSAS) of the Humanity Institute, founded in 2014, is a knowledge enterprise that inspires and incubates young leaders to mould the future of peaceful Kachin State by providing quality tertiary level education, and by nurturing the ecosystem of learning. The School is moving forward to realise the vision to establish the University of Kachinland by 2024 by cultivating excellence among our diverse community of faculty, staff, and students.

KSAS has served more than 700 students over the last 3 years. The School is governed by the Board of Trustees, managed by the School Management Committee and faculty, and invigorated by its vibrant student-elected Student Union. The majority of funding comes from the contributions of Kachin community and students. Some of the projects have been funded by the Germany Embassy in Yangon, Thar Thi Myay Foundation, and Myanmar Children Foundation based in Califonia.