“There have always been many bright minds in Kachinland, but schools have been few and far between for them. Finally there is an school in Myitkyina, where the most promising of the Kachin youths can learn in an intellectually stimulating environment. Seize this opportunity—and be the force of transformation. In the long run, education, more than anything, will decide the future of your society. ”


Programme Information

This programme aims to empower students who are above 19, seek job opportunities in the community and wish to continue education at international universities. The first 12 months of the programme will equip students with comprehensive learning on both academic and professional development. In the last six months, students will be required to produce an extended essay while preparing to continue their education at Bachelor’s or Master’s level study at international universities.
Asak (19) ning lahta jawngma ni magam bungli gunhpai na matu atsam ningja sharawt la ai hte, madang tsaw ai maigan dakkasu (International University) ni de hpaji hpungjat lu na matu hkyen lajang ai Shata (18) aten hpring lamang re. Shawng na Shata (12) gaw sharin ginhpan ni hte magam bungli hpe madung sharin la nna, jahtum na Shata (6) kaw tinang a sawk-hkrawk kumyai laika (extended essay) hpe ka lajang ai hte hpawn, maigan dakkasu ni de Bachelor (snr.) Master Degree Programme wa lung lu na matu jawng lung shajin sa wa na re.


Madung dat hpaji ginhpan kaba ni

Political and Legal Studies,
Social, Environment, and Development Studies,
Business Studies,
Fine Arts

Diploma lu na matu Ra ai lam (Requirement for graduation): 48 Credits

Jawng Lung Aten Ladaw (Duration) : 18 months

Application Deadline : 10 July 2017

Jawng Shang San-poi (Entrance Exam): TBA

Pang Ningnan (New Term) : 17 July 2017

Jawng Jarik (Tuition Fee): Lap 100,000 (per month)

Application Form: download here