It is one year English intensive Programme. The programme is designed to improve students’ English and other life skills through Curriculum, co-curriculum and extra-curriculum with different teaching methods. This course is suitable for those who want to be trained for job readiness. After attending this programme, the students will be able to join the diploma programme.

Tsang (10) awng ngut sai kadai mung, English hpe ladat hpan amyu myu hte hkaja la mai ai laning mi lamang re. Magam bungli gunhpai na matu atsam ningja sharawt la ai hte Diploma lamang de mai matut hkaja ai lamang mung re.

New Term (Ladaw Ningnan): 15th January – 14th December 2018
Tuition Fees (Jawng Jarik): 300,000 Ks 
Course duration (Jawng Lung Aten Ladaw): 1 year
Class time (Jawng Lung ten): 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Mon – Fri)

CES Sharin Ginhpan ni (Modules)

CES 101 Integrated English
CES 102 Grammar
CES 103 Conversational English
CES 104 English through Music
CES 105 English through Film Studies
CES 106 Fine Art
CES 107 Information Technology
CES 108 English through Current Issues
CES 109 Vocabulary in Context
CES 110 Reading
CES 111 Writing
CES 121 Jinghpaw Language
CES 131 Shan Language
CES 112 English for Business Communication
CES 113 English for Academic Purpose
CES 140 Social Studies: World History, Kachin History, Shan History, Politics, Economics
CES 150 Health
CES 160 Community Service


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