• Politics of Citizenship and Democratization

    About Faculty Dr. Kristin Stokke is a professor at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo Norway. Please see his details of his academic works at: Prof. […]

  • Conflict Transformation

    Course Description: This course is aimed at liberating mind from our imprisoned ways of thinking and perception. Our imprisoned ways of thinking often create and aggravate conflicts and clashes among […]

  • Programmes

    Sharin Ladat ni (Teaching Methods) Karai shaman ya ai atsam ningja ni prut pru dandawng wa na matu, jawngma ni nan shanglawm bawngban hkaja ai ladat hpe jai lang nga […]

  • Summer Term 2018

    Post-Matriculation Programme It is a ten week-long, intensive English programme targeting individuals who have passed or taken the matriculation exam, using multi-faceted teaching and learning methods to develop their English […]

  • Certificate in English Language and Social Studies (CES)

    It is one year English intensive Programme. The programme is designed to improve students’ English and other life skills through Curriculum, co-curriculum and extra-curriculum with different teaching methods. This course […]


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The Kachinland School of Arts and Sciences (KSAS) is a knowledge enterprise that inspires and incubates young leaders to mould the future of Kachinland by providing quality tertiary level education and by building the ecosystem of learning.

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